Charley Rucks Production Services

August 16, 2014

A large part of my responsibility as an event producer stage manager is to put the right people in the right place in a production to achieve the best results for my client. When it comes to still photographers, my first choice is always Stan Kotecki.


The types of projects that I have for still photographers range from high quality product photography to location factory shots to corporate executive portraits to public relations photography to event documentation and candids. There are very few photographers that have the breadth of experience to allow them to deal successfully with the wide variety of assignments that I have. Stan not only only has that experience, but the quality of the work that he produces, his demeanor with clients and his absolutely unrelenting quest for perfection in his work puts Stan in a class by himself.


A producer is only as good as the people that he or she puts into place to carry out the different facets of a production. There’s only one choice when it comes to still photography, Stan Kotecki.