Why Hire A Photographer?

A real estate friend of mine sent me an email asking me to photograph a million dollar + property he was going to sell.  I was eager to learn more about the photography he would require.  I did not hear from him, and when I did see him I asked about the property he wanted me to photograph?  He said he ended up doing it himself and said  “IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH” ! I was  a little shocked and didn’t quite understand. I realize that everyone with a current phone has a camera.  Stock photography replaces allot of photography that could be done by a professional photographer, but time and  budget determines whether a photographer will be used.  I guess it was not important to show the property in the best way possible.  I wouldn’t go to my lawyer, dentist, or doctor and say just do good enough !  Are you actually saving money by doing it yourself ?

What does an experienced photographer bring to a photo shoot?  Allot of experience photographing many different subjects, from table-top products, cars, lift-trucks, semi tractor trailers, trains, manufacturing, truck manufacturing plants, salt mines, cnc manufacturing, portraits of executives, portraits of people working in offices, in manufacturing plants, food processing, cattle ranching, transportation, communications, agriculture, operating rooms, medical clean rooms, architecture, are just a few areas for customers that I have photographed. With this experience come a new perspective, offering suggestions and solutions that you haven’t seen or though of.

I also bring high end cameras with interchangeable lenses to achive high quality images.  Lighting to enhance or open up a shadow that shows an important detail. Not just photographing one exposure, or just one angle in a room, but photographing from all corners of the room.  Looking for details, in a room.  Are the lights on, start a fire in the fireplace, remove stuff from the rooms.  Be sure the windows are clean, and the carpet vacuumed.  Photographing from a balcony or second floor to show the openness of the rooms. When to photograph, when the sun enhances the architecture.

Post Processing: A photographer will take time to edit your images. He will have software such as Lightroom and Photoshop that are used to insure that images are polished to a professional level. .