Stock Photo vs Original Photography

Stock Photography Vs Original Photography. Do you use stock photographs? Why? They have a distinct look, which does not compliment your printed material or web-site.  How often have you seen the same image used by different corporations for there use?   I realize that there is the issue of the cost of hiring a photographer, having your designer direct the photo shoot, preparing your site for the photography, cleaning your facility, selecting individuals for the shoot, model releases. The greatest advantage is time, when you select stock images you have sped up the process of completing your project.  When using original photography there is an additional cost for all of this, but the images that are created are unique to your business and show your facilities, personnel, product or a concept unique to you! Even though there are millions of stock images available, at a cost starting at $0.16.  Being authentic is like currency. Spend it wisely or it will be wasted  You get what you pay for!

. Visual content is a cornerstone of almost every branding campaign When on site a photographer will create a photograph unlike any other. People like to connect with other people-Humanize your brand.  You do not have perfect looking models working for you that have been Photo-shopped to perfection.    Show the real people working at your company, this will help establish that you stand behind your products or service.

Prepare before the photo shoot.  Talk to people in your company and let them know you will be photographing  on a certain date.  Be sure to not photograph on a casual day, depending on the image you want to project.  The facility must be ready from the landscaping outside the building to the interior space.  Remember this is an investment in branding your business. This may be the only way someone will learn about your product or service.